new insights on emerging technologies and people issues

fresh research from the hawaii accounting research conference.

by donny c. shimamoto, cpa, citp, cgma

this year’s hawaii accounting research conference provided some insights into the use of emerging technologies in audit and internal control, as well as on people issues like creativity and performance incentives. held every year in january at the university of hawaii at manoa, this conference draws accounting researchers from around the world to share their research findings with a broader academic audience (physical and virtual).

i started attending this conference in 2021 and gained some interesting insights into research being conducted that could shape some of what we do as accounting professionals. this year, i also helped moderate a practitioner panel featuring two past aicpa chairs, tracey golden and kimberly ellison-taylor, and a fellow cpa.citp and tax expert lauren kovar, to share with attendees how they could make their research more relevant to practice.

if you’d like to see the panel discussion, you can watch the recording:

i was only able to attend one day of the conference, but from just the one day, i got some good takeaways from several of the sessions. i’ve outlined these sessions and my key takeaways below. you can also click on any of the links to read the full paper that shares the research study and findings.