is your client’s wealth truly protected?

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many policies are too small. here’s another option.

by anthony glomski

no matter where your client grew up or how they accumulated their wealth, they can be a target for a host of unscrupulous people. many affluent investors, including entrepreneurs, are worried about keeping their assets safe from potential creditors, litigants, children’s spouses, ex-spouses, and disgruntled former employees and partners. they also want to protect their assets from catastrophic losses that could cripple them financially. as a cpa, you have an important role here.

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wealth protection involves strategies you can use to ensure that your wealth is not unjustly taken from you by potential creditors, litigants, ex-spouses and children’s spouses. wealth protection is also designed to protect you against catastrophic loss. identity theft is another emerging threat to wealth protection that should be addressed carefully with your clients.