covid slams u.k. accountants, too

martin bissett reports on life, business, winners, and losers from england.

by 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间

you can divide accounting firms in the u.k. much like you can in the u.s. – into those that act proactively, and those that don’t, martin bissett tells 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 in a video interview. and that’ll be the difference, he says, between those that survive the pandemic and emerge as market leaders and those that don’t.

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“what accounting firms should be doing is: they should be understanding that their goodwill for years, if not decades, to come is built now,” says bissett, an expert contributor to 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 and the author of a number of manuals and handbooks. “people are going to remember how they acted now in the time of crisis. they should be proactive, number one. proactive means phone calls, zoom calls, instigated by the practice, not by the client.”