tax professionals report tough slogging

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efilings perk up. most tax professionals remain dour.

by beth bellor

tax season data was a little brighter in week two. returns received were up 28.7 percent over the previous week and processing increased 22.2 percent. refunds were practically flying out the door at a rate 47 percent better than week 1.

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meanwhile, the latest 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 busy season barometer, updated march 8, shows most accountants reporting a “worse” year so far

how’s your tax season so far?

  • much better than last year: 11%
  • somewhat better than last year: 15%
  • about the same: 25%
  • somewhat worse than last year: 33%
  • much worse than last year: 16%

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