flash briefing: a “call to arms” after private equity deal

eisneramper move augurs a new path forward for firms seeking capital for growth.

withdom espositoandanthony zecca

eisneramper’s deal to take on private equity and spin off its attest firm represents a new path forward for firms seeking capital to remain competitive in talent and in technology, according to dom esposito and anthony zecca, two veteran big-firm leaders, in this exclusive 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 flash briefing webinar.

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eisneramper gets private equity backing

espositois author of “8 steps to great: driving success at the world’s largest cpa firms and how to apply the lessons at firms of all sizes.” more bydom esposito here.

zeccais the author of“leading from the edge – the new growth handbook with bonus toolkit.” more byanthony zecca here.

it’s “a call to arms,” says zecca. “whether you’re a $30-million firm or a $300-million firm, it doesn’t matter. you need to step back and say, okay, how is this going to affect me? how’s this going to affect how we get our clients? how is this going to affect how we’ve gotten our talent? and what do you need to do to change in this changing landscape?”

for esposito, “the takeaway is an understanding that you have options. and private equity is now an option that you should consider if you have the right mix of services and the right size.”