sales & use tax costs are higher than anyone thought

sales tax return activity represents the greatest proportion of total costs, followed by consumer use tax.among all businesses surveyed, the total calculated cost (hours spent multiplied by cost per hour) is $14,811 per month. esb average, $11,968.smb average, $17,672 (48% increase over esb segment.)

ripe opportunity for accountants to take over clients’ costly recurring non-revenue-generating back-office drudgery.

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midsize businesses spend 163 hours per month on tax compliance – costing more than $17,000, according to new research released by avalara, the sales tax automation company.additional findings break down what tax requirements businesses spend the most time and money on.

tax and accounting firms will be most interested in data related to clients’ recurring and significant spending on non-revenue-generating tasks, in tandem with the potential for human error and resulting impacts on compliance.

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