when clients say ‘no’

serious businesswoman holding up hand in stop signalfour ways to deal with their decision.

by ed mendlowitz
call me before you do anything: the art of accounting

i found out many years ago that i cannot spend my clients’ money.

i used to feel that if they did not want to “buy” a service i felt they must have, it meant i did not clearly convey the value to them. i do not feel this way anymore because the value is relative and draws on many issues the client might have and that i am not privy to.

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in my earlier days i used to do the work anyway, feeling a responsibility to the client. it took me quite a while to realize that the responsibility is the clients’ and if they did not want to spend their money for it, i should not spend part of my life doing it on a pro bono basis. there were also times i felt the work was so essential to the client that i did it expecting their recognition of the importance and willingness to pay me afterward. stupid! my bad!