accountants find new worlds of opportunity

clients and firms are both looking.

by 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间

as the accounting industry emerges from dark times, many practitioners are blinking in the light of new opportunities.

we’re in a different world now.

  1. many accountants are freed from central offices. (many clients, too.)
  2. many clients have gone out of business but moved on to start new businesses.
  3. new technologies are facilitating automation and the power of small firms.
  4. the business environment, more complex than ever, requires new services.
  5. turmoil at the irs is causing both frustration and opportunity.
  6. boomers in accounting are retiring faster than newbies are being born.
  7. those newbies have new career goals with less emphasis on income.
  8. cryptocurrencies are a new frontier in investment and finance.
  9. inflation is a significant factor that’s linked with rising revenue for firms and clients.
  10. congress is stagnated between progressives with big ideas and the retrogressive who want to turn back the clock.