irs audit rates are dropping, and big earners couldn’t be happier

audit rates by total positive income:although audit rates are declining more rapidly for higher-income taxpayers, the audit rate for lower-income taxpayers claiming the earned income tax credit is running higher than average. the reason: irs says it doesn’t have the highly-trained staff needed for high-income audits. eitc audits are easier. shown: 2019 tax year.

for the wealthy, the irs says it’s out-gunned.

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the percentage of taxpayers audited by the irs has been in precipitous decline since 2010, with the steepest decline in – surprise, surprise! – the highest income bracket, according to a new study.

hoisted from comments:“it is not the auditors who are to blame. it is the irs processes that the auditors are following.”

the odds of a taxpayer being audited are astonishingly low, an average of just 0.25% in 2019, way down from 0.9% in 2010.

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audit rates for brackets between $25,000 and $500,000 are well below average, just 0.17%.