firms battle staff shortages with pay hikes

except at payroll agencies, where wage gains are dipping.

cpa firm wages: up 9.8% from a year ago.

by beth bellor

let’s talk about earnings, because the latest national data shows some good news on that front. hourly earnings in the accounting profession have nudged above $39 for the first time, to $39.09, up 81 cents or 2.1% for the month and $2.48 or 6.8% for the year.

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another new high came at cpa firms, where they topped $41 for the first time at $41.61, up $1.23 or 3% for the month and $3.70 or 9.8% for the year. staff at cpa firms followed the trend with $31.84, up 53 cents or 1.7% for the month and $2.02 or 6.8% for the year.