the kpi an absentee manager needs

psst … you might be that absentee and not know it.

by ed mendlowitz
77 ways to wow!

the author contends that almost every business owner or manager is an absentee owner or manager, regardless of the amount of time they spend at their business.

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while many are ever-present either physically or virtually by phone, texts and emails, they are not managing but rather working in their business on what needs to be done at that moment or that day. they are responding to normal business routines; customer, supplier and personnel requests or problems; and myriad other situations that demand their time, such as banking relationships, cash flow planning, hr issues including hiring, discharging and compliance, interactions with outside professionals, including their attorneys and accountants, and regulatory and occupancy issues. some have partner issues and if they are managing a not-for-profit organization, then board and possibly funding and development issues. they are functioning as a necessary and essential employee and are not really running the business or organization – as if they were not there or were in another part of the country.