when an audit is a great thing

two businessmen talking at officebonus breakdown: audits vs. reviews vs. compilations.

by ed mendlowitz
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one of my clients generously gave me his take on the benefits he received from the audited financial statements we issued for him. i was appreciative of this and want to share his views with you.

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he began with an introduction explaining how he started his business and shepherded its growth by concentrating on developing his services and delivering them quickly and on time to his clients. the business grew rapidly, and little time was spent on the recordkeeping except for getting invoices to the clients or making payroll, while keeping the back office as lean as he could. at the same time there were legal, regulatory, hr, occupancy and tax issues from operating in multiple states and countries and he was spending quite a lot of time and fees on these activities, because he had to, while pushing aside and neglecting the accounting work.