accountants’ top problems for tax season 2023

as tax season gets underway, a lot to worry about.

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if you’re not worried as we plow into the busy season, you aren’t paying attention.

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on the front lines:langworthy, expanding with 200 new clients.

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and if you are concerned, you’re not alone.

  • in van nuys, calif., steve glick came up with a new concern: “now the software companies—turbotax, intuit, etc.—are competing against their customers by preparing tax returns.”
  • gretl siler, at succentrix business advisors, in panama city, fla., has the problem everyone wishes they had, plus the one everyone wishes they didn’t. she says, “note that i am not having any problem with increasing prices or with competitors. the problem is too many new clients and staffing… plus the irs is still terrible.”
  • to be sure, there’s bob langworthy, the founder of southern maine’s management accounting. he couldn’t name a single concern. “none!” he says. “we served 1,000 clients last year and already have more than 200 committed new clients this season.”

for 2023, the卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 busy season barometerexpanded the list of possible concerns, 24 in all, plus an “other” option. it’s our longest list ever, and accountants checked off each and every possible worry.