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cannabis: 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 special report

true stories, case studies, top trends, and exclusive insights from the frontlines of today’s hottest new niche

featuring dozens of leading professionals and practitioners, including andrew hunzicker, simone cimiluca-radzins, laura durham, gary b. rosen, sabas carrillo, cristina garza, sean robinson, john pellitteri, frank palomino jr., dean guske, matthew karnes, bryan mcdonald, lind mizar, kevin haller, mike goral, bruce jolliff, naomi granger, mark guiley, tom achor, jessica velazquez, derek davis, luigi zamarra, kareyna miller, and ben condon.

plus: five secrets to launching your own cannabis specialty

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executive summary

there’s no denying it – cannabis is hot and more people (cpas included) are jumping in to be part of the green rush. in surveys and at the polling booth, it’s obvious people across the country are in support of

legalizing cannabis – in some fashion –bringing that number up to 33 states that have somemeasure of access to cannabis. according tonorml, the last time we checked (and the number is always moving), there are nine states with pending legislation to legalize adult-use cannabis – including vermont, new jersey, illinois and washington, d.c. legalization for medical use is also underway for four states – south carolina, tennessee, indiana and texas. in addition, a number of states, including illinois, michigan, and new hampshire, are looking to grant expungements to those with past marijuana convictions. these numbers are changing every day.

but what is ahead for the business side of the fast-moving industry? in this 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 special report, we ask trail-blazing accountants, cpas, and vendors what they see in store for cannabis businesses – and the accounting professionals who work with them.


  1. top trends to watch
  2. what cpas need to know
  3. five biggest mistakes cannabis ceos make
  4. five cpa opportunities with cannabis clients
  5. five reasons accountants should serve cannabis clients
  6. five secrets to launching your own cannabis accounting firm
  7. ‘genius accountant’ helps cannabiz clients manage effectively
  8. 4 best things about being a ‘dope’ accountant
  9. ben condon on launching a cannabis cpa firm: ‘the opportunity presented itself’
  10. bruce jolliff: jumping into cannabis head first
  11. cannabis cpa carves out investment research niche
  12. cannabis lights up midterm ballots
  13. cannabis: embracing risk as a market advantage
  14. commercial medical marijuana use comes to michigan
  15. corporate to cannabis: laura durham of kind accounting
  16. cpa marcena sorrels: from health care in texas to cannabis in oregon
  17. cpa takes his cannabis practice on the road
  18. cristina garza: keeping cannabiz clients in compliance
  19. derek davis keeps california cannabis clients informed
  20. dope cfo levels up its offerings
  21. jessica velazquez on cannabis accounting and activism
  22. john pellitteri takes grassi full steam into the cannabis industry
  23. leveraging r&d credits and depreciation for cannabis clients
  24. marcum llp: moving forward in cannabis with confidence
  25. mark guiley oversees new cannabis niche
  26. sean robinson: minorities, women & cannabis
  27. moving beyond 280e: dean guske on the cannabusiness
  28. squar milner takes on cannabis in california and beyond
  29. the fire starter: groundbreaking cannabis cpa luigi zamarra
  30. tom achor: at the intersection of cannabis accounting and technology

30 chapters, 104 pages, printable pdf ebook

cannabis: 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 special report