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the client service idea book

guidance, tips, strategies, tactics, real-life stories, and research data for driving client satisfaction, retention and new revenue

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from the introduction

client service lays at the heart of everything a tax or accounting professional does. indeed, without clients, there is no firm, no practice and a practitioner isn’t, in fact, practicing. everything begins and ends with the client.

but while many things in the professional practice are codified, organized, and structured, client service is often left to be managed ad hoc. client service, too often, is addressed only when there’s a problem. but most practitioners understand that great client service leads to superior rates of client satisfaction and retention, which, in turn leads to stronger profits and revenue growth.

with thisidea book, we hope to stimulate the thinking of professionals who are seeking ways to improve their practices through improved client service. we’re sure you’ll find at least a few good ideas to put into use.

how to use this idea book

this book can be used for individual study or in group discussions. for individual study, readers are advised to find a quiet hour or two with a pen to read through the book, taking notes and jotting down ideas as they emerge. then the ideas can be gathered and developed into action plans. for groups, it is suggested that the group discuss each idea as it surfaces, record the ideas on a flip chart or notebook and later sift the best ideas to develop into strategies.

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the client service idea book