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the idea book for accounting firm hiring managers

guidance, tips, strategies, tactics, real-life stories, and research data for recruiting, training and retaining the best talent.

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from the introduction

let’s face it – the landscape upon which you operate today has changed. yet the future of every firm depends upon the talent you hire.

until any accounting firm brings together the right talent, the firm will not achieve its full potential. in recent years we have witnessed many changes is the hiring landscape, from the graduates to the upwardly mobile partners, and from search methods and technologies to interviewing. what is more, expectations of firms and of available talent have changed, as well. although multiple career tracks might have opened new windows of opportunity for you to place promising talent, they have also made your job considerably more complex.

with thisidea book, we hope to stimulate the thinking of hiring managers who are seeking ways succeed in an altered landscape. we’re sure you’ll find at least a few good ideas to put into use.

how to use this idea book

this book can be used for individual study or in group discussions. for individual study, readers are advised to find a quiet hour or two with a pen to read through the book, taking notes and jotting down ideas as they emerge. then the ideas can be gathered and developed into action plans. for groups, it is suggested that the group discuss each idea as it surfaces, record the ideas on a flip chart or notebook and later sift the best ideas to develop into strategies.

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the idea book for accounting firm hiring managers