advisory services done your way

how to craft a plan to delegate, partner and outsource.



by penny breslin
it’s not just the numbers

back office support for the accounting firm defines you and your firm. are you servicing clients who are part of the past, or are you servicing clients living into the future? remember the new generation of business owners has never owned a filing cabinet, fax machine, landline, printer and turntables (only if they are into retro music!).

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the diagram above is how i think about “advisory services.” the traditional role of an accountant has been as steward and operator. if you’re happy there, then that’s ok, this post will help you streamline your processes and technology to deliver these services more efficiently and profitably. and if you want to move into higher valued (and higher paying!) work and play a role in transforming your clients’ businesses, and play the role of strategist and catalyst, then we’ll show you how.
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five ways to rally your firm to its culture

businesspeople chatting around a water coolermake it work for you.

by martin bissett
passport to partnership

cultural issues are dynamic, very broad and unique in each firm. as such it is a challenge to summarize them accurately and comprehensively.

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from our research, however, the wise choice for anyone wishing to get their passport to partnership appears to be to study

  • their firm’s existing culture,
  • that of its senior individuals and
  • that of those who have the ear of those senior individuals

to understand not only the route to partnership, but the terrain that they need to cross too.
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three fundamental questions to ask in audit

are you teaching your team the real work or just the compliance work?

by alan anderson, cpa
transforming audit for the future

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the new manifesto for accountants.

when i started in accounting, we wrote audit programs out by hand, and we thought about what it was we needed to do to carry out our audit procedures.

and then, the firm got a copy machine. that started the arts and crafts period of public accounting.

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because we were going to do the same as last year, every year we would make a copy of last year’s hand-written audit program, cut out the sign-offs, tape that on a new page, make sure to draw the lines for the sign-offs, and then we’d make a copy of that. then we had our audit program for the new year.

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how to advise clients on allocating business resources

man and woman in meetingthe best course might not be the most exciting.

by ed mendlowitz
77 ways to wow!

time, resources and money are limited assets of a business, and, actually, anyone. successful organizations and people know how to maximize each one and how to integrate and allocate them for the best benefits possible.

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these assets are called into action when opportunities arise. however, typically opportunities come in bunches and then a choice must be made. is the newest opportunity taken, the easiest or the most strategic? that is when the organization’s leadership earns its pay. here are some thoughts using a client’s specific situation.
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