bruce marcus: advancing on the retreat

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does your retreat advance your firm?

by bruce w. marcus

we’re at the beginning of the retreat season. this spring, accountants, lawyers, and consultants will assemble, dressed informally, at fine resorts throughout the nation, to explore the futures of their firms and what can be done to sustain their firms? present status or to alter their futures.

a retreat can be a good time to relax, rest, and become reacquainted with your partners, even as it addresses the firm?s mundane housecleaning efforts. it can be a better time, and a great opportunity, particularly in this era of economic turmoil and technological change, for real accomplishment by recognizing new realities of the marketplace and professional environment, and calculating what must be done now to make the firm viable in the future.

including: the top 10 issues you can’t afford to ignore.go to the download page now.

3 responses to “bruce marcus: advancing on the retreat”

  1. v. paul

    the top ten list is worth the download alone.

  2. roger in connecticut

    you can’t go wrong talking to bruce marcus. he seen it all, been there, done that, etc. and he doesn’t put up with any marketing bs or partner dilettantes.

  3. mjl

    a great piece of work! really gets the “new opportunity” juices flowing. but i think a lot of firms should really try to bring in a moderator with a good understanding of cpas to help work through all the issues.