client accounting services poised to surge in post-corona world

seven covid-driven deliverables clients need today.

six-minute survey:
what’s your opinion of client accounting services?
yes. we’re doing it.
no. but we’re considering it.
no. and we’re not considering it.
no. we’ve tried it and dropped it.
huh? what’s “client accounting services?”

by hitendra patil

coronavirus caught the entire world totally unprepared for its aftermath. the impact on economies is unfathomable. accounting firms are not immune to this unprecedented situation.

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but, “same as last year” or “as always” will not work for accountants in the immediate and distant future. if you haven’t yet done so, it is time to start thinking about how are you going to overcome the crisis, and even thrive in the near future and beyond. especially important is to think about how client accounting services (cas) will emerge as a much-required and more valuable than ever service accountants can provide.

what are accountants doing now?

so, other than helping clients obtain small business loans and apply for paycheck protection program (ppp) benefits, what are accountants doing now? based on daily conversations with accountants over the last six to eight weeks, here are some core focus areas of accountants: