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the complete guide to marketing for tax & accounting firms

the a-to-z program with checklists, samples, step-by-step procedures, and case studies

by sandi leyva

  • add new revenues, make more money, and gain more free time in tax, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and outsourced cfo services
  • implement more than 100 tools and techniques
  • six simple steps

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achieve marketing clarity

sandi leyva reveals the practice-proven, tried-and-true systems for increasing revenue, finding only “perfect” clients, and choosing the best marketing strategies.

learn the top ten most effective marketing channels.

get the details for:

  1. retaining grade-a clients
  2. boosting referrals
  3. burnishing your reputation
  4. planning high roi events
  5. launching online marketing
  6. mastering social media
  7. embracing video
  8. creating successful newsletters and content
  9. leveraging public relations,
  10. developing telemarketing, direct mail and promotional materials.

plus: special sections on

  • implementation,
  • tracking activity,
  • measuring results, and
  • analyzing winning strategies.

once you’ve started executing your marketing plans and learning what works well, sandi will help you refine and systematize them so they take even less time away from your core business.

you’ll be making your numbers with less stress, more predictability, and far less guesswork.

the six simple steps

you’re just a few steps away from implementing business-building activities that are tailor-made for the skills and personality you already have and that will pay back the fastest. you’ll learn to move from a reactionary, waiting-for-clients-to-come-to-you marketing mode, to a top-down strategic marketing plan that you execute, measure, and refine throughout the year.

here are the steps that you’ll go through:

  1. create a revenue plan.
  2. identify your ideal client.
  3. create a marketing plan.
  4. start with the most effective and least-cost marketing channel for accounting, get as much volume as you can from it, then go to the next least-cost channel, and so forth.
  5. create your marketing materials and your messaging.
  6. make your numbers!


chapter one: your revenue plan

chapter two: your ideal client

chapter three: your marketing plan

chapter four: client retention

chapter five: referrals

chapter six: reputation

chapter seven: events

chapter eight: online marketing

chapter nine: social media

chapter ten: video

chapter eleven: email marketing and newsletter

chapter twelve: public relations

chapter thirteen: case studies, white papers, and articles

chapter fourteen: content marketing

chapter fifteen: telemarketing

chapter sixteen: direct mail

chapter seventeen: materials

chapter eighteen: implementing


appendix: glossary


from the introduction

by sandi leyva

if you’re like most accountants who own a small business, you’re great at what you do. you may even be an expert in your field. hopefully, you also love what you’re doing and are passionate about sharing your skills and expertise with the world. so, naturally, you want your accounting business to grow.

sandi leyva

growing your accounting business and acquiring more clients requires a different skill than the core service you offer your clients: it requires knowledge of marketing. and even if you have an mba, the stuff you learned in school isn’t enough for you to know what to do to build your business. when i started my practice, i felt like i had a choice between hiring an expensive consultant or doing it myself with a long learning curve that would take time away from running my business. since i didn’t like either of these choices, i decided to write a book especially for accountants and quickbooks consultants that provides a step-by-step approach to getting accounting clients.

when i first started my accounting business, i didn’t have any clients. i had just gotten laid off from corporate america (thank goodness!), and i didn’t know anything about getting clients. i only knew about accounting and technology. i had to learn how to get accounting clients. since i have refocused my business several times and had many businesses over the years, i’ve had to start from scratch and get clients in multiple industries from accounting to photography to training to consulting to speaking to web design to nonprofit.

i’ve made a ton of mistakes learning how to market and cost myself a ton of money. what i found along the way has been amazing. marketing doesn’t have to be a dirty word. in fact, i’ve applied a ton of accounting principles to marketing so that we accountants can learn it on our own terms. it can even be fun when you start counting all that money coming in from applying the new marketing methods you have learned from this book. you may actually learn to like marketing, like i have, even though, believe it or not, i am still uncomfortable with the whole idea of selling myself.

my goal is to take the mystery out of marketing and tailor it to your accounting personality. if i could spend less time selling, but still get the number of accounting clients i wanted, then i knew that was the marketing system for me. this book is designed to get you the help you need to grow your business and to learn exactly the right marketing skills to fast-track your growth.

in the first few chapters, we’ll show you how to create a revenue plan so you know how many clients you need to make your numbers. we’ll also show you the framework for creating your marketing plan. the cool part is it’s all spreadsheets! we can do those, right?

we’ll go into detail about the marketing channels you should use to find your new clients. you’ll be able to choose the channels that you like best and apply them to your plan. finally, you’re ready to execute. we’ll share how to finalize your plan and convert it into a yearlong task list that you can execute on a monthly basis to keep the leads flowing.

let’s jump in.


master more than 100 tools and techniques

let sandi leyva teach you, step by step:

  1. the steps to create a marketing plan for your business.
  2. 10 of the most effective marketing channels for accounting practices.
  3. the 17 marketing materials you need.
  4. the five c’s of website effectiveness.
  5. the plan that to improve client retention and increase referrals.
  6. the advantages and disadvantages of each of the marketing channels.
  7. the formula for “net new clients”
  8. seven ways to grow your revenues
  9. why marketing to “everyone” is a bad idea
  10. why and how to define a persona
  11. leverage the concepts of demographics, psychographics, social graphics, and time-o-graphics
  12. two steps to create your marketing plan
  13. how to define your marketing channel
  14. the one reason some channels work better than others
  15. the 10 best marketing channels for tax & accounting practitioners
  16. understand, calculate and optimize your closing ratio
  17. creating a comprehensive client communication plan
  18. the eight essential goals of a client communication plan
  19. 31 ways to keep in touch with clients
  20. two reasons to ask for your clients’ feedback
  21. how to select and use survey tools
  22. understand and deploy the abc ranking method
  23. learn the formula to calculate client retention
  24. why “netpromoter” is the new can’t-miss metric for marketing
  25. ten ways future clients might learn about you
  26. five skills or characteristics you may need to benefit from a reputation
  27. the three pieces of marketing material to build your reputation
  28. the 11 best places to network
  29. the two mistakes novice networkers make
  30. the main reason events are popular in marketing
  31. the three types of planned events to attract new clients
  32. five potential speaking topics
  33. seven places where it’s easy to get on the speaking agenda
  34. two ways to get leads from speaking
  35. eight items you’ll need for your trade show exhibits
  36. the nine steps to follow when organizing an open house
  37. the three websites you can’t ignore
  38. two things you should do to your social media profiles
  39. the five c’s to improve your website
  40. the three hidden problems with online advertising
  41. how you can discover your real online reputation
  42. the only three social media applications you’ll ever need
  43. two indispensable items you need for your linkedin profile
  44. the only four types of posts or updates you need to make in social media
  45. the absolutely necessary app for posting to multiple social media sites
  46. the five benefits of using video
  47. the only three types of videos you’ll ever need to produce
  48. two screen-capture tools you can’t live without
  49. the only three video file types you need to know
  50. the two things about youtube that youtube celebrities wouldn’t want to reveal
  51. the seven reasons your firm needs to publish a newsletter
  52. the only two absolutes you need for your newsletter
  53. the only three parts of a newsletter that are mandatory for success
  54. four easy ways to acquire content for your newsletter
  55. the one best way to build trust among prospects
  56. why and how white papers work
  57. the six titles for white papers that always work
  58. why a case study can close a sale
  59. 11 simple steps to write a case study
  60. five items in a typical white paper outline
  61. five places an article can be published online
  62. why pr still matters
  63. ten occasions where you can send out a news release
  64. six tips on getting interviewed by the media
  65. four potential topics that tie in with the news
  66. two things winning awards will build
  67. five best awards sites you need to know about
  68. what’s “content marketing” and why everyone is talking about it
  69. five skills your content marketing team will need to have
  70. eight types of content used in content marketing
  71. why telemarketing still works
  72. the four things you need to do before you even think about telemarketing
  73. how direct mail has changed
  74. five circumstances when direct mail could work
  75. ten common mistakes when using direct mail
  76. five key costs of a direct mail campaign
  77. 17 marketing materials you can develop to present your business to prospects
  78. the only surefire formula for an elevator speech
  79. eight ways you can differentiate your firm from others
  80. three things you can do with the last line of your signature file
  81. four examples of names for your new services and products
  82. six things to put in your prospect kit
  83. the one thing you can do to exponentially increase your marketing results
  84. the three columns you absolutely must use on a spreadsheet to measure marketing results


about sandi smith leyva

sandi smith leyva, cpa, cma, mba, and founder of accountant’s accelerator, has helped thousands of accountants earn more, work less, and serve their clients better through her innovative coaching and training services.

sandi was named one of the 2016 top 25 thought leaders by cpa practice advisor, one of the 2015 top 25 most powerful women in accounting by cpa practice advisor, one of the 2013 “ones to watch” of accounting today’s “top 100 most influential people in accounting” and was a 2013 community choice honoree of the small business influencer awards held by small busi-ness trends. she won a 2013 stevie award for “maverick of the year,” and her work has also been noted by cbs news, pbs, dallas morning news, san jose mercury news, accounting today, journal of accountancy, today’s cpa, and the practical accountant. she is a regular contributor to 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间.

sandi is one of a handful of women in the world who has co-piloted a tiny six-seat, single-engine airplane over the oceans and around the world. her book, following amelia: a modern day ‘round-the-world flight, describes her death-defying adventure along with the two award-winning humanitarian trips she managed to fit in along the way.

sandi has authored several books, cpe courses, and over 500 articles for clients such as microsoft, intuit, and the american institute for cpas. she writes bizboost news, a client newsletter for accountants with strategic business content.

sandi is a cpa and holds an mba in it from the university of dallas. she also holds a ms in applied cognition and neuroscience. in her spare time, she loves hiking, traveling to remote places, and empowering women from poverty to prosperity through her nonprofit.

the complete guide to marketing for tax & accounting firms


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