don’t confuse marketing with biz dev

or your revenue growth could get stuck.

by sarah johnson dobek

marketing and business development. when these two functions work in tandem, accounting firm growth can soar. however, too often, misaligned – or unclear – goals and expectations lead these two revenue generators to work independently and become counterproductive.

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many professionals get tripped up trying to do both at the same time, so understanding the goal of each is key to a successful growth strategy for accounting firms:

  • marketing: as a one-to-many activity, marketing amplifies your message to build brand awareness and help generate new leads. this includes, but is not limited to, creating thought leadership that feeds the website, social media, and email communications; advertising; event management; identifying potential buyer groups and understanding their personas; and researching new areas for service line and industry growth. these strategies and tactics bring potential new clients and existing clients into your firm’s orbit, allowing you to develop and nurture those relationships into sales.