four considerations for effective client culling

2023: the year “cull” was no longer a four-letter word for cpa firms.

by bill penczak

it finally happened.

for at least the past dozen years, i’ve heard cpa firm partners’ bold talk about culling their clients in order to ease staffing issues, focus on larger, more profitable engagements, or rid the firm of the pita clients, which has nothing to do with animal rights and more about protecting their people from those who are a pain ____  _____  _____ (complete the next three words on your own, and you can skip wordle for today).

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a recent study was published that indicated only 1 percent of cpa firms could adequately staff their engagements. and while more firms are migrating to offshore models to get work done, more are actually culling clients, but without a measured process for doing so.  

here are some suggestions for successful extrication of clients who are wearing down the profitability and the morale of firms: