your clients’ words = your new cas marketing

let them help tell your story.

by hitendra patil
client accounting services: the definitive success guide

your firm’s value proposition is not what you say. it is what your clients and prospects perceive. perception is reality. here are some proven ways to identify your firm’s real marketable value.

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  • ask your clients: it is not so easy to “be in the customers’ shoes.” you will be surprised how you can gain immense insights from your clients – about how they perceive and experience your service and how they feel; what they find of value and what they feel frustrated about. don’t guess, don’t assume, just ask them. it is easy to conduct customer surveys online (e.g., surveymonkey has a free version that allows you to collect 100 responses; google forms are also free to use). identify the most common positives and negatives that emerge from survey data to be able to improve your marketing and customer experience.