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accountaneur: the entrepreneurial accountant


by hitendra r. patil

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mind-blowing insights into today’s emerging opportunities

hitendra patil, author of accountaneur, explains what he means by “predictive accounting:”
what happens when every accounting system starts talking to everyone else’s accounting system
and, like one big brain, they know what you’ll need next.

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gleaning lessons from neuroscience, technology, and behavioral economics, hitendra r. patil shows tax and accounting professionals what it takes to succeed in today’s dynamic competitive environment.

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every accountant may possess comparable technical skills. but patil shows that success in today’s profession is driven by disruptive ideas in innovation, client service, and talent management. in more than 50 bite-size chapters drawn from the pages of, the author takes practitioners step-by-step through the process of understanding today’s powerful trends, harnessing those forces, and forging new strategies to grow and profit today and into the future.

he goes to the soul of an entrepreneurial accountant, explaining, “the difference between an accountaneur® and an accountant lies in his or her traits, strengths, talents, skills, values and beliefs.”

“are you an accountaneur®? if you work for yourself or if you have created jobs for others in the tax and accounting profession, you are an entrepreneur, rather an accountaneur®. you are an accountaneur® if you chose not take up a job, but chose instead to create a business.”

it is recommended that the reader approach each chapter methodically, to fully consider potential applications to his or her own business and with pen in hand to take notes for further study and action plans.

in short, accountaneur is a mind-expanding exploration of the boundless opportunities that lie ahead for the tax and accounting professional who is ready, willing, and able to imagine them. patil proves to be an excellent guide to the new world.

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advance praise for accountaneur®


“accountants need to be more than just accountants and hitendra creates a way for accountants to look at themselves. he calls it the accountaneur®. this book contains a great deal of new thought about what accountants should be doing. it is a required read for all professionals, partners, and non-partners. leaders at accounting firms have a huge responsibility to create a business environment conducive for growth and achievement, not just at their firms, but especially for their clients. hitendra brings a perspective that helps accounting firm leaders find answers to key questions that will lead to entrepreneurial achievement.”

– august j. aquila, ceo, aquila global advisors llc,
consultant to professional service firms, author and speaker.
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“in my book passport to partnership, i define the critical behaviours and mindset that underpins any leadership development program for growth-minded firms. accountaneur helps you get into that growth-mindset through a deeper understanding of how to entrepreneurially apply the power of behavioral sciences and technology to your practice.”

– martin bissett, founder of the upward spiral partnership, and author of
passport to partnership, winning your first client, business development on a budget
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“what impressed me the first time i met hitendra is his drive to help others reach their potential. this book does just that. you will learn and appreciate what an important role the accountant plays in our business and personal lives. hitendra makes the profession come alive. if you are in the accounting profession, or thinking about it, you must read this book!”

– chester elton, new york times best-selling author
of “the carrot principle,” “all in” and “what motivates me”


allan koltin 2016

“entrepreneurs create wealth and opportunities for others. entrepreneurial accountants make it possible for entrepreneurs. accountaneur® is a probing question-bank for accountants who want to be entrepreneurial.”

– allan d. koltin, cpa,
ceo, koltin consulting group inc.



“i am an entrepreneur and my business is accounting, bookkeeping, tax services and business advisory. i have lived over 35 years of my professional life by this unwavering maxim: ‘the art of business is to explore the opportunities, understand the accounting information and efficiently implement processes, systems and rules to best seize the opportunity.’  as an entrepreneur, i live by the conscious observation of ‘what’s happening’ and the ‘uncertainty of what if:’ how else can i make it better? i find opportunities to deliver value that enhance the lives of my clients. hitendra’s book, accountaneur, is encouraging, addresses the transformative appeal to the entrepreneur in every accountant to help find new value, to produce and deliver as entrepreneurial accountants.

– alex alvarez, cpa, mba, and ceo of business management services llc

screen shot 2016-07-01 at 8.44.42 am“extensive coverage. i am sure the discerning accountants will buy and use the book in their practice.”

– p. v. maiya, formerco-founder, chairman, managing director, icici bank ltd., india’s largest private sector bank.


“in accountaneur, there are insights on how accounting and tax professionals can turn technology expenditures into a competitive advantage, with the additional benefit of more take-home revenue for the practitioner.”

– randolph p. johnston, chairman and ceo, network management group,
co-author, accounting firm operations and technology survey


“the world bank reports that 80 percent of the developed world’s wealth resides in human capital, illustrating that we’ve been in a knowledge economy since the 1950s. yet most accounting firms are utilizing a business model developed during the industrial era, with a relentless focus on efficiency and a “we sell time” mentality. hitendra patil sets out to challenge this sclerotic thinking in accountaneur: the entrepreneurial accountant. general eric shinseki was fond of saying, “if you don’t like change, you are going to like irrelevance even less.” following the brisk advice in this book—from changing your business model to a focus on developing your firm’s human capital, and more—will keep your firm relevant as we encounter an increasingly turbulent and changing marketplace.”

– ronald j. baker, author,”implementing value pricing; mind over matter,”
“measure what matters to customers,” “pricing on purpose,” and “the firm of the future.”



“accounting is a noble profession and yet most accountants don’t realize their full potentials simply because they are stuck in a rut. but if you’re one of those accountants who have the fire in their belly to realize their full potential, not just to meet clients expectation but exceed client expectations and make their practices thrive – then you’ll find accountaneur to be an excellent resource.”

– dr. chandra bhansali, ceo, accountantsworld,
100 most influential people in accounting

katrina geety

“why and when. these two words from hitendra’s writings and personal counsel have had a defining impact on me personally and my practice over the last few years. i wish i had understood the difference between why and because, and when and if, decades ago. hitendra taught me over the years that why is driven by a plan and purpose instead of because, a reaction to the circumstances. when is driven from confidence and determination, and if is driven from uncertainty. his wisdom from life and the profession really helps you connect the dots in your thought process to get to why, and to when from because and if. i have been leading a successful firm for over three decades but i found that the intelligence accoutaneur brings from across the profession is so highly valuable for any accountant, at any stage of their career, to truly unleash his/her potential.”

– katrina geety, cpa, president of geety, blair & associates p.a.
and accountants’ workflow solutions, inc.


accountaneur: the entrepreneurial accountant, by hitendra r patil, highlights the changing role of the accountant. to survive in this new world, the accountant has to become truly an entrepreneur. the business owners in this economy are looking to the professional – their cpa – to guide them and lead them to success and growth. hitendra describes this role of an accountant and he awakens accountants to become entrepreneurs. he does so in plain simple english. the book will help an accountant to bring about this change and become an accountaneur. this change is not a choice. is inevitable if accountants are to survive and thrive.

– amit chandel, cpa ctp cva cfe ctrs llm -t cexp,
principal/owner – focus cpa group, inc.


(partial listing)

  • who is an accountaneur®?
  • how to use this book

part 1. the accountaneurial advantages

  • why accounting?
  • do you want a practice… or a business?
  • accountants and six fundamental human needs
  • four leadership strengths that define accountants
  • top 10 entrepreneurial traits of successful accountants
  • the eight traits creating the firm of the future today
  • what cpa firms could learn from google’s alphabet
  • 4 pillars of future firm foundation
  • ten things you didn’t worry about ten years ago
  • savvy cpas focus on the constants
  • why accountants could be the happiest people on earth

part 2. winning new clients is a mind game

  • six secret keys to the mind of the entrepreneur
  • client satisfaction starts with ‘likeability’
  • overcoming your clients’ worst fears
  • what shopping habits reveal about accounting clients
  • the only three ways accountants earn an entrepreneur’s trust
  • the one thing your clients really want
  • do you make your clients feel safe?
  • the 5 most common marketing blunders

part 3. riding the technology wave

  • you don’t think technology helps get new clients?
  • four signs the uberization of accounting has already begun
  • ‘uberizing’ means more than technology
  • how the “1099 economy” is transforming accounting
  • three apps to automate business networking
  • what if accounting firms were apps?
  • three ways amazon’s new phone hints at the future
  • a case study in using linkedin

part 4. making more every minute

  • tax season tips: train your brain to focus
  • tax season management: multi-tasking is a myth
  • six steps for a better tax season
  • create your “not-to-do’s” list
  • nine things you need to do to avoid being overworked
  • can you escape this crazy eight trap at your firm?

part 5. the generational war you want to win

  • can accounting firms lead with work-life vision?
  • 5 reasons gen y will make or break your firm
  • 8 seconds into the future: meet generation z
  • management guru chester elton on success

part 6. how to respond to new disruptive competition

  • threat or opportunity?
  • sound off on liberty and h&r block plans
  • independents face 3 options
  • what the bitcoin phenomenon means for accountants
  • five things accountants need to know about bitcoin
  • stop trying to create value that’s not appreciated

part 7: growth is where your mind is

  • five stealth growth strategies accountants are using now
  • seven questions for every accountant
  • three keys to mega bucks
  • decide to be decisive

about the author


hitendra r. patil explores how insights from behavioral economics apply to the tax and accounting profession. his findings have enriched lives and businesses of many professionals.

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patil, who holds advanced degrees in business and science, has lived nearly 25 years of his working life entirely in technology-driven businesses, mostly in the financial services industry. he has donned many hats – from clerical beginnings to c-level executive positions, climbing the corporate ladder; from doing to getting things done; from process task decisions to financial risk analysis; from operations to business development to marketing to sales to technology to human resources management. everything has contributed to a mind deeply trained on how to help people achieve their potential and transform their lives.
he has been working professionally with accountants and cpas for over a decade as the leader of a company producing work for accountants and tax professionals, day in, day out, giving him rare insight and perspective on the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

hitendra r. patil is one of the profession’s leading authorities on accounting technology, accounting firm innovation, and client accounting and advisory services (cas / caas).

he is the best-selling author of “the definitive success guide to client accounting services” and “accountaneur: the entrepreneurial accountant.”

patil is among the top 100 most influential people in accounting, the top 10 accounting influencers to follow on social media, and the top 100 accounting social media leaderboard.

he is a regularly published author in many leading publications in the united states accounting profession. accountants have bought his best-selling books in 12 countries across five continents. he frequently provides fresh thought leadership and actionable insights to the accounting profession about cas/caas, practice growth, entrepreneurship in accounting, and emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and cybersecurity.

patil is the founder of accountaneur, where he provides accountants with consulting services to become more successful by leveraging his comprehensive experience and expertise in serving the accounting profession. for over 20 years, he has worked exclusively for the accounting industry, leading several functions, including accounting, payroll, tax, and advisory services and technology solutions used by professional accountants.

details: 6×9, softcover, 192 pages.
isbn-13: 978-0692709092. isbn-10: 0692709096. bisac: business & economics / accounting / general

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accountaneur: the entrepreneurial accountant