leading from the edge: the secret factor for growth and profits

the size of your firm doesn’t matter. commitment does.

by anthony zecca
leading from the edge

let’s talk about leadership – the type of leadership necessary to drive an organization to become a standout, high-performing organization. although many of the principles are applicable to any middle-market organization, i have focused on professional service firms and within that, accounting firms where i spent my entire career.

every firm, every firm leader, every partner, and every team member can stand out and be a top performer. it’s a choice and a commitment to excel.

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throughout my career, i have worked with some fabulous standout organizations, some that were just improving a little each year and some that could not get out of their own way. i have worked with many leaders who consistently drove their organizations to excellence and significant growth in revenue and profits outperforming most in their industry.

i started to wonder, was there one factor that these standout organizations all shared?