padar joins vc-backed tax fintech for banks


april tax solutions targets banks and financial institutions.

jody padar, cpa, also known as “the radical cpa,” has exited botkeeper after three years and joinedapril tax solutions, inc., a start-up that uses an intelligent tax platform to automate the filing process and embed tax prep into broader financial applications.

padar is head of tax and evangelism. april is backed by $10 million in seed capital from a number of venture capital funds.

“it’s time to bring taxes into the digital age,” says padar. “i’m excited to lead the charge and help the next generation of consumers and accounting professionals have a better relationship with tax filings.”

april says it partners directly with banks and financial institutions to do away with the silos traditionally existing between tax and financial planning. the company is rolling out in the first half of 2022 to select customers of leading fintech partners in time to file their taxes for this season.