how weekly cas reports help businesses

traditional reports stop short. here’s the difference.

by hitendra patil
client accounting services: the definitive success guide

if you are wondering whether cas needs a different set of reports, you are in the right place. at the same time, it may be confusing how you can produce reports that are different than those your software provides out of the box.

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cas is about theoutcomesof your work, from the clients’ perspective. cas outcomes are useful, insightful, and advise clients in ways that routine, traditional reports cannot deliver. the outcomes you provide from your cas offering need to relentlessly focus on the relevance, usability and importance from your clients’ point of view. one of my ex-clients, an experienced and expert cpa from san diego – who had mostly high-net-worth individuals with multiple businesses as his clients – told me, “after 19 years in practice, i realized that small to medium business entrepreneurs are not really concerned with managing their balance sheets. it is the job of the accountant.”