why federated search matters

cluttered computer screen
take a look at your team’s desktops.

no more subfolders! just imagine.

by penny breslin
it’s not just the numbers

much has been done to help people deal with information overload. desktop search tools have made it easier to find a piece of data hidden among all the other data stored on your system. but what about all the data available on portals, stored in shared drives, and trapped in business applications, let alone the valuable information stored in various employees’ heads?

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this information is vital to your firm. employees need this data to do their jobs, and they need it quickly.

the key to finding information quickly is a mighty search engine. enterprise search engines can find information stored almost anywhere in your system. whether looking for data stored on the desktop, tucked away on an intranet site or locked in a line of a business application, an enterprise search tool can help you find it. the search solution combines desktop search with fast intranet searching capabilities.