imagine a new future 

the radical cpa


new rules for the future-ready firm

by jody padar, cpa, mst
author of the new from success to significance: the radical cpa guide

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wake up! it’s a new world

“get ready to have your world, your firm, and your life rocked!”

teresa mackintosh ceo, cch tax & accounting
teresa mackintosh
ceo, cch tax & accounting

“’the radical cpa’ is a provocative book at the perfect time in the profession. i loved it!”

– teresa mackintosh,
former ceo, cch tax & accounting u.s., wolters kluwer

“jody padar creates a window into the firm of the future that is a welcome addition to the profession’s thin library of visionary practice management books actually written by practicing cpas.  she creates not just the fuel but sparks the fire of the debate over the direction of the profession for the 21st century.  you won’t see “the radical cpa” protesting in the streets, but you’ll find him or her carrying the banner of change in every firm for the next ten years.”

tom hood ceo, macpa
tom hood
ceo, macpa

– frank stitely, cpa, cva,
stitely & karstetter pllc


“this book gives you a chance to walk with jody and see a future that just may inspire you to think differently. i hope you enjoy the walk with her the way i did.”

bill priolli, cpa disanto & priest cpas
bill priolli, cpa
disanto & priest cpas

– tom hood, cpa, citp, cgma, and
ceo of the macpa and business learning institute


“the future-ready firm will need to embrace a philosophy that includes both core values and services and the unique delivery and communication tools of our day to be successful for next generation leaders and businesses. your choice is to ignore it, stick your toe in the water… or just dive right in and make it integral to your business plan.” 

– william r. pirolli, cpa, cff, pfs, cgma
partner, disanto, priest & co.


“‘the radical cpa'” teaches cpas how to embrace technology and new business processes for serving today’s generation of business owners. she explains moving to the cloud, coping with change, becoming social, and experimenting with new processes – all in an understandable way for those who are new to these topics. the book will be very valuable for cpas looking to redesign their accounting practices to be competitive in the 21st century.

– dustin wheeler, cpa, orem, utah

they call us the ‘radical’ practitioners

jody padar, cpa mst the radical cpa
jody padar, cpa mst
the radical cpa

– a message from the author

there’s an uprising of innovative cpas in the accounting profession. this group created a new support community that is no longer driven by the establishment. the establishment can’t control the conversation. in fact, they almost missed it.

when i first started doing this, i wasn’t aware of anyone doing what i was doing. then i went to twitter. that’s where i really met my peers. we were learning from each other from day one and that same community of support is still happening today. by 2010, someone called us a “movement.”

a “radical” practitioner is a person who calls upon himself and others to redefine their firms and their lives by moving away from the traditional firm business model.

why do we use the term radical?

rad·i·cal adjective \?ra-di-k?l\ : very new and different from what is traditional or ordinary: very basic and important: having extreme political or social views that are not shared by most people

the term radical applies because what we are doing to our firms and indirectly to the profession is fundamental to its core. it’s abrupt, disruptive, unexpected, and far-reaching. we are shaking up the status quo.

we are changing because our customers and the world are changing around us. some might also perceive radical to be a negative term. it’s not. our movement is more likely following the happy expression, “that’s radical, dude,” we want everyone to learn and join us.

why should i be radical?

cpas must be “radicalized” so they cannot be lulled into complacency and driven by reaction to their current firm or livelihood. the changes that are happening in today’s fast-paced world need to be addressed. you and your team have already felt the changes. the silent majority of many employees are hurt, suspicious, and feeling unheard. they see and experience the changes happening around them and don’t understand the complacency or the resistance to change from firm management. you may even be feeling this yourself within your firm of one. this toxic condition within many firms is corrosive and detrimental. employee frustrations are mounting to the point of revolt and indifference. an employee who is indifferent is more destructive to a firm then one who is leading a revolt. many of us fight with the idea of rationalization, where we say it’s not that bad. we can wait before we take action – “let the next generation make the changes, i’m retiring.”

however, we can wait no longer. the world isn’t waiting. neither can we.

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jody padar, cpa, mst

jody padar is one of the profession’s foremost visionaries and pioneers. as a practitioner, she is ceo and principal of the new vision cpa group, a public accounting firm based in the chicago area. and as an author, lecturer, coach, consultant and mentor, she advocates for progress and innovation in the profession, heralding a new way of thinking about the practice of accountancy and giving it new purpose. having successfully transformed her own firm into a technologically advanced, paperless work environment, she is now dedicated to educating her fellow colleagues on how to make the same transition. she is a regular contributor to a number of industry publications, including 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间, where she offers practical tips and advice on running a next-generation firm. padar has been named by accounting today as “the top 100 most influential to the profession” for the last four years and manages her firm and discover new “best practices.” padar is married, has two teenage children and swims competitively.

padar earned her bba from saint mary’s college and mst from northern illinois university. padar is also an adjunct professor at oakton community college and a contributing member of the intuit trainer writer network.

follow her on twitter, @jodypadarcpa; linkedin, and facebook,

more jody padar at 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间

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the radical cpa