cas pricing: money in the middle

businessman and tablet with the word "pricing" above.consider your pricing tiers carefully.

by hitendra patil
the definitive success guide to client accounting services

when your prospects shop for client accounting services, what they find out about pricing methods and trends defines their expectations. if you follow very different approaches to price your cas offering, it will take significant effort on your part to educate the prospects (and existing clients) about why you are pricing cas the way you are.

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as they say, it’s easier to ride the horse in the direction it’s going. it is good to first conform to the perceptions of prospects when it comes to your cas pricing. once you ride the horse, you can direct it to the destination you want to take it to. once you conform to the pricing method (not the dollar value) expectations of the prospect, their anxiety and perception of risk (what value will they receive in the price they are willing to pay) reduce. after that, they are more open to evaluating the choices you present to them.