essential kpis for your cas practice

portrait of a young pensive businesswoman in officeplus, how to tailor your offering.

by hitendra patil
client accounting services: the definitive success guide

“i am not a good salesperson.”

i have lost count of how many accountants have told me this over the years. but i also learned that what they really mean is that they do not have a well-defined, structured sales process.

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this post is not about fundamental sales skills. that is beyond our scope today. this post is more about how to develop and execute your cas sales process, pitch and supporting collaterals that can help get you more cas sales, including:

  1. how to define your cas sales process
    • four stages necessary for a sale
    • seven things you need to know about your sales process
  2. the cas sales pitch
    • thee key recommendations
  3. the cas sales collaterals
    • 11 items for your tool kit
  4. your existing clients as your cas salespersons
    1. how to provide client references
    2. daft template of the introduction email
  5. the cas sales process performance measurement
    • 10 kpis
    • 3 objectives