getting the client is only half the battle

four must-do’s for outstanding client retention.

by bruce w. marcus /exclusive to 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间
professional services marketing 3.0

in the cpa firm with a strong marketing culture, getting the client is only half the battle. the other half is keeping the client. it’s done with more than just doing good work. in fact, most clients, surveys tell us, don’t really know how good or how bad your work is. why should they? it’s not the business they’re in. they have to trust the professional.

independent studies also show that a large percentage of accounting clients are dissatisfied with the levels of service from their accountants. clients are given no foundation for understanding what’s being done for them, nor are reasonable expectations defined. what basis do clients have, then, for being satisfied?

bruce w. marcus
bruce w. marcus

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the reality is that this new world is competitive in ways that it’s never been before. ask your clients how many times they’ve been approached by your competitors, and pursued aggressively. and then ask yourself if you can continue to be sanguine about keeping your clients happy, on a day-by-day basis.