four-part plan to re-ignite revenue growth

sprout growing on money pile of glass jar banknew times call for new expansion strategies.

by gale crosley

it’s been a long slog, but we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel known as the great recession. both job creation and the gross domestic product are robust. interest rates remain low, and the stock market is showing solid gains.

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while these bright spots are welcome, i urge firm leaders not to be lured into believing that it’s back to business as usual. the light at the end of the tunnel may look like, well, light. but the market conditions illuminated by that light are substantially different from those of the pre-recession environment.

what’s changed? nearly everything, from an upsurge in globalization to stiffer competition, increased standards and regulations, more specialization and a growing reliance on technology. today, clients can engage cpa firms around the corner or around the globe. just because you’re in the neighborhood doesn’t mean you’re in the running.