four reasons it’s hard to sell

businessman with head in handswhat to focus on instead.

by martin bissett
winning your first client

let’s take a look at the last 16 years of my experience and my research as to where new clients come from in an accounting practice. i don’t think there are going to be too many shocks here.

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what i’ve found is that 82 percent of all new clients in a given year who come into an accounting firm come in from a referral source. this may be a bank or a lawyer or some other source, perhaps an existing client, who has recommended that a particular business meet with your firm and come on board as a client.
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eight things to give new clients

woman and man shaking hands across a deskset expectations early.

by sandi leyva
the complete guide to marketing for tax & accounting firms

how you welcome your new client can set the tone for a relationship that could last for years or in the worst of cases, just days. start out on the right foot by looking super-organized (because that’s part of why we get hired anyway) and making it super-easy for a client to get on board with you.

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the best vehicle for this is a welcome kit. here are eight things that should be in your kit at a minimum:
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don’t think of it as selling

businessman holding two papers with happy and angry face each on themstart treating it like a service.

by martin bissett
winning your first client

being a successful person according to your own measurement of that, and your own goals and your own standards is different for everyone.

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if you’re comfortable with yourself, it’s very likely that others will be too. if you understand the value that you offer (how you can improve a client’s situation to move them closer toward their personal and professional aspirations), you’re likely to be able to convey that value in front of a prospect.
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when it comes to pricing it’s about ‘can’t afford not to’

michael hsu:there’s a better way

pricing based on efforts is all wrong.

by w. michael hsu, cpa
founder, ceo,deep sky

how often do you hear from clients that you’re too expensive or xxx firm can do it cheaper? the lesson in having that conversation is that it can’t be ‘can you afford it’ it’s: “can’t afford not to.’

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the concept of “you can’t afford not to” is a popular one in the world of entrepreneurship and one that cpas, especially those pricing cas services, need to learn. it is the idea that sometimes, even if something seems costly, you cannot afford not to do it because the cost of doing nothing or doing it yourself is even greater.

this idea is often applied to outsourcing or hiring, where entrepreneurs may feel they cannot afford to hire someone else or outsource a task. however, the truth is that they cannot afford not to.

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seven questions to suggest estate planning

a woman hugs another woman, who is cryingbonus: sample asset distribution worksheet.

by ed mendlowitz
the 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 practice doctor

estate planning is a vital service for many clients who do not have a will or a current will, or who have a will but did not consider major estate planning techniques.

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we have found that many clients with wills had them hurriedly prepared just before a trip or vacation and had very little planning guidance.
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success in business comes second

eight questions to make sure your personal life is in order.

by martin bissett
winning your first client

you know the identity of your first client, and if you buy into you, then there’s a good chance of potential clients being prepared to do so, too.

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this is what we must remember about the purchasing of professional services such as accounting. if your prospective client is a grade a or b style opportunity for your firm, then they are not buying the services you provide per se. the services are the vehicles of delivery; the means to the end.
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professional services marketing requires flexibility

young black woman sitting in front of laptop looking thoughtfulas the client changes, so must the accountant.

by bruce marcus
professional services marketing 3.0

editor’s note: 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 was privileged to have a long relationship with bruce w. marcus, who was ahead of his time in his thinking and practice in marketing for accounting. we are publishing some of the late expert’s evergreen work, which retains wisdom for the present.

the emerging relationship between professional and client, and between the marketers and the professionals, is further complicated by the changing nature of the professions themselves, in which several phenomena are redefining the nature of the professions.

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in planning for both a firm and its marketing program, there are three factors that should be understood.
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