hunker down: the irs backlog isn’t going away anytime soon

the bottom line: for every dollar in new funding, the irs could be collecting 10 times that.

the tax season from hell:
will the new may 17 extension help or hurt accountants?
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irs commissioner charles rettig says the backlog of millions of returns will remain unresolved for months more.

//“we would hope to be through this backlog by the summer,” rettig told house ways and means oversight subcommittee chairman bill pascrell, who said 24 million returns are jammed in the irs pileup. rettig countered with 2.4 million, the number of individual returns.

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his testimony came a day after the government announced it would extend the filing deadline from april 15 to may 17, with crucial details still to be determined. the new rules sent tax software companies rushing to push out updates and left accountants and their clients in limbo. and, he said the delay in the tax-filing deadline could postpone the launch of a new monthly child tax credit payment program,