the disruptors: when financial statements go extinct with corey schmidt

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the disruptors with liz farr

corey schmidt’s take-aways

  • offer your staff different paths to being successful.
  • pinpoint the talents you have on your staff, and nurture those special skills.
  • carve out time for people to work on those skills, not just the backlog.
  • challenge your people earlier in their careers so they have three years of experience rather than one year repeated three times.
  • create roles for the kinds of skills your people have.

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  • a forgotten metric is client happiness. if we provide a service that makes them feel good about what they’re getting, they’re going to be willing to pay more and will stick around much longer.
  • firms should own who they are. a firm with a hard-driving culture that values working long hours should seek out team members who like that kind of work culture.
  • think about where you want to be in five years, and start hiring people who fit that kind of work culture. build in the people, processes and systems around that end goal.