take a moment for appreciation

man facing five large yellow stars on wallwork on building your resilience.

by sandi smith leyva, cpa
accountant’s accelerator

most of the time, being an accounting entrepreneur is a delight, an honor and a great way of life.

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every once in a while, there can be those days where you just need a little moral support for one reason or another.

that’s when it’s useful to create an appreciation room (or even a corner or shelf). right now i have an appreciation cabinet in my home office and an appreciation shelf in my business office. an appreciation collection can consist of:

  • handwritten thank you notes or testimonials that the client has sent you
  • gifts of appreciation from clients
  • gifts, plaques or trophies for volunteering your time or money to nonprofits or other organizations
  • awards where you have been honored or have won something
  • framed certifications of achievement or appreciation
  • photo of you and your client
  • gifts for speaking at a conference or event

when you put these items together in a group, you can see how much difference you’ve made in the lives of your clients, and it can help you when you have that one disagreeable client.

as entrepreneurs, a key skill that helps us weather the ups and downs in our businesses is “resilience.” resilience is being able to bounce back quickly in negative conditions, and it’s a skill you can build like a muscle.

practicing being grateful for the satisfied clients you have can help to build our resilience muscle. it’s really as simple as being more intentional about it.

try building an appreciation corner that you can cherish and gain perspective from the next time you need a resilience boost.

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