the mindset you need for client accounting services

woman executive coaching a male employee across deskwho is leading?

by hitendra patil
client accounting services: the definitive success guide

it was the 10thof may, 2012.

over dinner on that quiet mid-spring evening, at a classic traditional italian restaurant, i met the owner of one of my largest clients, only after about five years of providing services to his firm. his firm had chosen a particular niche industry to serve andonlythat. he was doing well – over $3.5 million in annual revenue, growing consistently, and employing 39 staff members. in any given week, two new clients were being onboarded via a very detailed process, moving clients’ accounting databases and processes into his firm.

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he wouldnottake on any new client unless the client handed overallof the accounting work responsibilities to the firm.

all or none.