how to face hiring challenges head-on

the disruptors: penny breslin says don’t blame robots.

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the accounting profession has faced staffing issues for years now and, especially post-pandemic, the problem has compounded. penny breslin, 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 contributor and the founder of moneypenny, talks about how firms are facing the hiring challenges and popular solutions that seem to be working, including using predominantly cloud-based apps for collaboration and engagement and taking a true evaluation of the talents and skills needed for each position.

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breslin says firms need to look at the talent they have and realize that not everyone has to be “a duplicate of yourself.”

she says the knowledge accountants used to learn by going through the manual tasks isn’t needed. many functions now require someone who is more comfortable with technology, and who can review the output and verify that everything is connected correctly.

robots will do what they’re told to do, but that doesn’t mean the data is correct. while you don’t need a degreed accountant to ensure the technology is running correctly, you need someone with accounting and business knowledge to put the data and ai into context for the client.

more take-aways from penny breslin: 

  • you have to know your client extremely well, and you have to have a really good service level agreement in order to charge a flat rate. scope creep can be phenomenal if you’re not watching it.
  • if you’re busy learning the new technology and doing the accounting and being the advisor for your client, how do you have the time to find the latest in technology, figure out the best ideas in leadership skills, and create training to develop your team, so they want to stay?
  • delegation is the key. if everything has to go through one person, things get lost. if you want to control everything, you end up controlling nothing. all we can control is ourselves.
  • the robots aren’t taking our jobs. they’re just allowing us time to reimagine another way of doing things. a robot cannot give you a contextual or emotional understanding of your financial needs.
  • firm leaders shouldn’t be the only ones who go to conferences if you want buy-in for change. there is only benefit when you allow your people to be trained, and to be around other people at their level who can teach each other. this also tells your employees they are valued.
  • don’t wait until november to change everything for the next year. keep a running list of what bothers you in various applications during tax season and discuss those items as a group in may. do the implementation of new technology in july or august. get feedback from the people who are using the tech and adjust as needed.

about penny breslin

penny breslin is the founder of moneypenny, a consulting firm specializing in helping accounting firms and other businesses embrace the power of technology to simplify their operations and increase their profit margins.

drawing on her years of experience and her knowledge of what it takes to run a successful business, penny oversees the development of back office processes for her client firms. from the initial evaluation of the firm’s workflow to technology selection to assisting in onboarding the firm’s clients, penny works with her clients to maximize the benefits of a paperless and cloud-based firm.

penny has been recognized by worldwide who’s who for showing dedication, leadership, and excellence in providing quality consulting services to an international clientele made up of cpa firms and other businesses.

penny holds a master of business administration in global management and is a member of the intuit pro-advisor group, is a xero certified advisor, a member of the wave pro network, and a freshbooks consultant. she has also co-authored the book, “cfo services for the accounting firm: how to 

start.” a firm believer in being able to work from anywhere, you’ll often find penny running her business on the beach after a morning surf session. she’s also an avid supporter of meals on wheels and oxfam.


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