15 tips for novice managers

how to prioritize instead of juggle.

by ed mendlowitz
101 questions and answers: managing an accounting practice, the complete 2-volume set

q: my boss asked me to call you.

i am a staff accountant with five years experience. i am having a lot of stress trying to manage everything i have to do. i am juggling supervising people i don’t know how to supervise, being managed less by those above me and having to figure out more for myself – including things i never did before or in industries i never worked on previously, keeping current with changes in accounting rules and taxes (since i am more like a generalist and clients ask me everything), never seeming to have any free time, juggling my schedule because most of my clients are never ready when they say they will be and being accountable to my boss for everything i do plus what the staff working under me does.

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so how do i do it all? how can i prioritize all my responsibilities?