center your firm around your client

two businesswomen shaking handsthere are three ways to change the product-market fit. only one works.

by jody padar
the radical cpa

it’s hard to look at your firm from a customer’s perspective. that’s why we gravitate to a firmcentric point of view. this point of view asks questions like: what do we sell customers? how can we reach customers? what do we need to establish with our customers? and how can we make money from our customers?

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we’re thinking about ourselves internally. nobody wants to hang out with someone who only thinks of themselves, yet that is the way we run our firms.

instead, i’m going to ask you to look at your business from your customer’s point of view. design thinking asks the following:

  • what jobs do our customers need to get done and how can we help?
  • what are our customers’ dreams and aspirations?