what i wish clients knew about tax liens

equity is key.

by eric l. green
tax rep network

“i know i can’t sell the property because the irs has a lien for $80,000 it filed two years ago and there is not enough equity, and i don’t have the money to pay them.”

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ever heard this? we do, on almost a weekly basis. there is a lot to unpack there, but to cut to the chase:

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tax: explaining the bad news about canceled debt to clients

meet form 982.

by eric l. green
tax rep network

“what do you mean i have to pay tax on that debt? it was a debt, and they forgave it. the bank gave me a gift; i am pretty sure that is how it works.”

more:offers in compromise aren’t for everyone
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all of a sudden, my client – who five minutes before told me they knew nothing about taxes – is now explaining to me, a tax attorney, that the canceled debt cannot be income and that a third-party bank obviously meant it as a gift.

sadly, it is not a gift; there was never any intent for it to be a gift. when either the bank or another creditor writes off that debt you owed, they are required to file a 1099-c to report the canceled debt to the irs so the lender can take the bad debt write-off. according to congress, the courts and the irs, the recipient now has income because they received value that they do not have to repay. in tax parlance it’s called an “ascension to wealth.”

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offers in compromise aren’t for everyone

how much can the client pay?

by eric l. green
tax rep network

no irs program is more interesting yet misunderstood than the irs’s offer in compromise program. for taxpayers who owe money to the irs, between 15 million and 20 million of them, the thought that they can settle their back tax debt for less than the amount owed is an answer to many of their prayers.

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many people have seen the late-night television ads or heard the satellite radio spots: the taxpayer, who seems just like them, owed huge sums of money to the irs and was being abused by the callous tax machine when the advertising company came to the rescue and settled that tax debt for “pennies on the dollar.”

are these ads telling us the truth? can taxpayers really settle their tax debt for little to no money? the answer is yes, they can, but it depends upon their financial situation.

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annual criminal tax conference set for june 4

the one-day online conference features irs leaders and top tax attorneys and eight cpe credits.

hosted by eric green

key irs leaders and nationally recognized criminal tax attorneys will convene june 4 for the fourth annual criminal tax day 2021, a one-day online conference hosted by green & sklarz foundation trust that provides educational cpe/cle sessions for cpas, eas, and attorneys on the hottest criminal tax topics. all proceeds go to charity.

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thursday, nov. 12: the biggest tax screw-ups! with eric green

learn from cases i screwed up so you won’t have to!

thursday, nov. 12
2 pm et / 11 am pt
2 hours, 2 cpe, 2 irs ce
view details


the top pilots not only have thousands of flying hours under their belts; they also study things like accident reports so they can learn from other pilot’s mistakes.

this workshop provides a rare sneak peek into the tax resolution cases – those that went wrong – of one of the top tax attorneys in the u.s. you’ll gain valuable insights from his mistakes so you can apply his lessons to your current client’s situations. plus, you’ll be entertained along the way!

learning objectives:

  • understand how the payroll liability and trust fund assessment process works
  • identify critical issues when seeking penalty abatement
  • explain how the reasonable collection potential formula works
  • describe when innocent spouse relief from a joint liability is available and how to seek it

with 1040 work dwindling, tax resolution moves to the forefront

more money in tax resolution every year.

by eric green

the demand for tax resolution has exploded in the last several years, and our current situation is only going to increase that demand.

join eric greenfor the “payroll tax resolution workshop,” oct. 22, 12 noon et, 3 hours, 3 cpe, 3 irs ce.details here.

there’s never been a better time to get into doing this work, and there is a shortage of cpas who can do this work really well.

as an introduction, here are six tax resolution services that are money-makers for firms with cpas and eas that can deliver results to taxpayers with these problems.

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