the when, what, how of cas

weave review actions into your processes.

by hitendra patil
client accounting services: the definitive success guide

why review your client accounting services offering periodically?

most accounting firms ultimately optimize their internal processes and resources that produce their services. the measurement of such optimization is the profitability of the firm. when firm owners/partners feel the pressure on profitability, it is natural for them to measure the factors that contribute to profitability, and the cost thereof.

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you can measure the performance of your cas offering in similar ways. but there is a difference that makes cas performance measurement processes somewhat unconventional. it is not just for the cost and profitability parameters you will measure, but because cas is about outcomes your cas clients (are supposed to) receive/experience, measuring the “promise fulfillment” of cas is a necessity. and if you do not do it periodically, at pre-decided intervals, it can be challenging to course-correct when it is too late.