tax regs for the metaverse

and 19 more tax issues for the wild world of e-commerce you didn’t know you needed to worry about.

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if you, as an accounting or tax professional, aren’t uneasy (if not terrified) by the whirl of the scary new world, you aren’t paying attention.

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it isn’t just the perpetual pandemic, the clogged logistics, the turbulent politics, the automating algorithms, the climate catastrophes, the evolving economics, and the rush of rules and regs. it’s that, and more, all interlocked in global business and tax regimes that interact with each other and keep causing each other to change.

avalara’s sixth annual “tax changes” guide rolls out a tsunami of information that generates a tsunami of questions (so far, we have 20) that every number-cruncher—small, medium or large—should at least look at.