secret to success? a growth and abundance mindset

transformation talks: mike maksymiw, cpa, cgma, says the secret to success and transformation in accounting is to be willing to learn, believe there’s enough work for everyone…and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

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transformation talks
with bill penczak
center for accounting transformation

center for accounting transformation
center for accounting transformation

after 16 years of working in firms, mike maksymiw, cpa, cgma, was done.

he went to his employer with his concerns about wanting to do something else. instead of encouragement to pursue another area in the firm, he was persuaded to remain on the partner track he was on. maksymiw decided he’d rather move on.

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“i didn’t have anywhere to go when i left. i just knew i needed to go,” he said. “so, after, you know, a couple pandemic busy seasons, learning about the cares act, being a national leader at the firm at that, like i was toast. so, my family and i just went to hawaii stayed there for two weeks.”