accounting marketing 3.0: new rules

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by bruce marcus
professional services marketing 3.0

in the early days, firms reluctantly hired people they thought were professional marketers. for example, one then-big eight accounting firm hired an advertising firm executive who, it turned out, had been in ad agency production and knew nothing about marketing. another firm hired a public relations company that saw all marketing as public relations.

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editor’s note: 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 was privileged to have a long relationship with bruce w. marcus, who was ahead of his time in his thinking and practice in marketing for accounting. we are publishing some of the late expert’s evergreen work, which retains wisdom for the present.

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public relations or advertising people who didn’t know how accounting and law firms worked were hired. how could the professionals know otherwise? professional marketing and its process were new to the accountants and lawyers, and they had never hired marketers before.