accountants don’t sell soap.

woman and man shaking hands across a deskyou only have three things to sell.

by bruce marcus
professional services marketing 3.0

it took about five years before the true meaning of the 1977bates v. state bar of arizonadecision finally dawned on the professionals.

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editor’s note: 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 was privileged to have a long relationship with bruce w. marcus, who was ahead of his time in his thinking and practice in marketing for accounting. we are publishing some of the late expert’s evergreen work, which retains wisdom for the present.

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the professionals gradually came to realize that the decision meant that, for the first time in the memory of most practitioners then alive, they could now openly solicit one another’s clients – a practice that most professionals had never done before, nor had been allowed to do. it meant that the professionals had to face – and learn to deal with – not merely the polite and collegial competition of the past, but aggressive competition.