checklist for running a practice

poe’s book provides a step-by-step guide.

by ed mendlowitz
the 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 practice doctor

question:do you have a simple checklist that i could use as a guide to run my practice?

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answer:actually my monthly q&a newsletters is a great and easy way to get information on how to run your practice. also my 101 book with my first 101 q&as is another great resource.
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8 ways to wrestle software subscriptions into submission

one question leads to another.

by donny c. shimamoto

budget talks between accounting and information technology departments can get pretty complicated. accountants know budgets; it folks know it. not many people know both.

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but you don’t have to know both if you know the right questions. one area of special concern is budgeting for subscriptions to software.

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what does being a partner mean?

aquila how to engage partners in the firms future clip square cvrpartners persuade their people to join them on the journey and to play a part in building a better firm.

by robert j. lees and
august j. aquila
creating the effective partnership

just as the partners need to engage with the firm’s vision so do the firm’s people. but, like everyone, they actually engage with people not words. so, effective partners continually engage with their people, regardless of their level and role. they go out of their way to create a personal bond, sharing personal information and operating with honesty and integrity in all of their interactions.

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survey results: cpa firms accelerate growth

the national map survey of cpa firm statistics -- the rosenberg survey
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the 2014 national map survey shows widening divide between large and small firms.

exclusiveto 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间
the national map survey of cpa firm statistics

marking the third consecutive year of quickening expansion since the recession, cpa firms are posting 6.7% revenue growth, according to the latest results from thenational map survey of cpa firm statisticsreported here exclusively by 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间.

screen shot 2014-09-26 at 2.04.17 pm

“the national map survey of cpa firm statistics: the rosenberg survey” is well known and well respected within the national cpa industry, due to its solid reputation for accuracy, thoroughness and high participation rate. exactly 75% of the firms in this year’s survey participated in 2013. this allows for more accurate year-to-year data comparisons. all of these characteristics, plus the highly sought-after executive summary, make “the rosenberg survey” a must-read for any entrepreneurial-minded cpa firm. the survey captures data from participating firms of all revenue ranges, from solo practitioners to those with over $20 million in net more →

mirror, mirror on the wall

11 weekly self-assessment questions for successful professionals.h

by august aquila
the effective partnership

when’s the last time you talked to your partners about the “mirror questions”? we all know that it’s easy to kid ourselves about how well we’re doing. but when we have to look ourselves in the mirror, well, it’s another story.

rather than giving the partners the questions they should answer, we suggested that they come up with their own self-assessment. specifically, we wanted them to devise questions they could ask themselves each week to evaluate how well they had performed. in the end, we came up with more →

are bad clients driving you crazy?

angry businessman on the phone16 ways to tweak your compensation systems to get and keep the right clients.

if your partners are putting up a fight to keep clients who should be let go, take a look at your compensation system. it’s not just about billable hours.

august aquila,creating the effective partnership, suggests 16 tweaks to your firm’s compensation system. while the list is not exhaustive, it does provide criteria that firms can consider beyond more →

running an accounting business

ed mendlowitz cpa the practice doctor q and aquestion:i am the managing partner of my accounting firm by default. no one else wanted to do it. i am trying to manage things but i have a full schedule, am shorthanded on staff and continue to do a reasonable amount of marketing. i am overwhelmed. how do others do it?

response:i purposely left off the size of the firm because my response applies to every size firm – those with two partners on up to large firms with upward of 50 partners. no matter the size of your practice,it is a business and needs someone dedicated to running it. smaller firms need less time, possibly less skills and perhaps one of the partners can fill in this role. larger firms need a person who spends substantially all of their time running the business, but not necessarily a more →