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we’re celebrating at 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间. and we couldn’t do it without the support and interest of the great people in this great profession.

thank you for your great feedback!

– rick telberg
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// real tech trends on worthy topics, according to your colleagues.

by 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 research

ever alert for what’s coming down the pike, the 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 business barometer is looking for early omens of future trends. our readers across the continent know what’s happening.

they also know what only seems to be happening.

this year we’re asking where the opportunities are, what the challenges are and, significantly, what the most overhyped trends, technologies and topics are.

in other words, what’s the next wave on the way, and what’s just a bubble in a turbulent sea?

the answers on the overhyped are interesting.

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five challenges to anticipate.

by anthony glomski

my years of experience helping successful entrepreneurs, combined with my research and interviews with experts in the area of successful business exits, have helped me to identify five key financial challenges that must be addressed by entrepreneurs who are planning to cash out of their businesses.

the objective is to help business owners make a smooth and successful transition from where they are today to where they want to be post-exit.

let’s look at five of the top challenges in more detail. read more →

grow your prospect lists in 5 steps

dreamstime_xs_75612830are you overlooking an easy source?

by sarah johnson dobek
inovautus consulting

prospects are one of the greatest keys to increasing revenue but unfortunately, many accounting firms are struggling to grow their prospect lists. often, this struggle comes from not knowing how to grow a prospect base in a way that generates results.

more: seven reasons your growth plans are stalled | five ways to grow new service lines | how crisis illuminates your biz dev skills | take the pressure of ‘selling’ out of ‘cross-selling’ | don’t confuse marketing with biz dev | business development and sales aren’t scary
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prospect lists must be permission-based, otherwise, you’ll run the risk of poor outcomes. here are three practical and easy ideas for growing your prospect base and making the most out of your communications.
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essential kpis for your cas practice

portrait of a young pensive businesswoman in officeplus, how to tailor your offering.

by hitendra patil
client accounting services: the definitive success guide

“i am not a good salesperson.”

i have lost count of how many accountants have told me this over the years. but i also learned that what they really mean is that they do not have a well-defined, structured sales process.

more: how to cas: first, break bad habits | how much cas profit per person? | five reasons the top 100 loves cas | look backward for your cas processes | make sure your differentiation is truly different | is it time to outsource? | your firm’s cas team: who and how many | two tech approaches to cas | when to start building your cas tech stack | stop derailing cas
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this post is not about fundamental sales skills. that is beyond our scope today. this post is more about how to develop and execute your cas sales process, pitch and supporting collaterals that can help get you more cas sales, including:

  1. how to define your cas sales process
    • four stages necessary for a sale
    • seven things you need to know about your sales process
  2. the cas sales pitch
    • thee key recommendations
  3. the cas sales collaterals
    • 11 items for your tool kit
  4. your existing clients as your cas salespersons
    1. how to provide client references
    2. daft template of the introduction email
  5. the cas sales process performance measurement
    • 10 kpis
    • 3 objectives

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13 reasons to merge up

woman ladder binoculars city view outlook vision success climb adobestock_57204649.jpegand sellers’ 13 top worries.

by marc rosenberg
cpa firm mergers: your complete guide

merging up or selling a firm is one of the biggest life milestones that a cpa firm goes through.

more: merger? the 100 data points you need first | one times fees isn’t the only way | thinking merger? first ask why. | why do you want to merge? be honest. | four reasons to fear a merger
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you’ve toiled long and hard to build your firm. it’s your life’s work. adding to the anxiety is the element of facing your own mortality. when people contemplate big personal or business decisions, it’s common to need to move through several stages mentally. merging your firm is no exception.

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10 reasons clients don’t pay

person writing check with pen and checkbookand what to do about it.

by ed mendlowitz
101 questions and answers: managing an accounting practice, the complete 2-volume set

q: i always have large amounts owed to me from clients. is there anything i can do about this?

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a: absolutely! my feelings are that large a/r balances are your fault. accounting fees are almost never material to a business’ cost structure, but letting fees pile up can make them somewhat material.
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lessons from bob, the pool guy

how to cut clients, raise prices, earn more and work smarter.

by jean marie caragher
capstone marketing

it’s a hot topic these days. accounting firms have more clients than they can handle and not enough people to get the work done. there are solutions, e.g., firing “d” clients and not accepting any new “d” clients. however, many cpas still resist this process.

how many clients do you need to fire, and how will that impact your employee retention? if you’re ready to test the waters, attend our upcoming workshop:
“how to upgrade your client base to optimize profits”
tuesday, may 24, 2022
1:00-2:40 p.m. eastern
early bird price: $99. after may 20: $149
2 cpe credits
register now

this got me thinking about bob (his real name), our pool guy. he has been our pool guy for over three years. every wednesday, like clockwork, he arrives to clean our pool, adjust the chemicals, and whatever else needs to be done. bob is friendly and genuinely cares about our pool. my husband and i are very satisfied customers.

bob recently turned 60 and is thinking about how he wants to run his business and spend his time. he’s making a few changes. here are four lessons we can learn from bob. read more →

new ira guide updated & expanded with 42-page supplement

learn more | buy now

free to buyers of the first edition.

卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 is pleased to announce the updated version of a practitioner’s guide to the ira distribution rules under the secure act by seymour goldberg is now available for sale in the 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 shop here.

  • buyers of the first edition, issued last year, can pick up the new edition for free, using as a discount code the last word on page “i” of the edition they already own.

the new guide includes a 42-page supplement that covers many of the changes in the retirement distribution rules that every accountant dealing with iras must know. the proposed regulations were issued on feb. 23.

the new regs take up only 275 pages, but they are maddeningly complex. “a slipup in not knowing the rules can have adverse irs penalty tax consequences,” warns author goldberg.

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seven steps to indispensability

two women sitting across a desk from one anotherand the six benefits that will accrue.

by gary bolinger
profit in disruption

being seen by a client as indispensable has at its core two factors:

  • the client’s perception that you understand their most important things and
  • that you are key to helping them achieve them and stay on track.

more: how do you rate on the 34 kpis for client relationships? | the key that unlocks client advisory services | if you can’t explain it, no one will buy it | the three types of advisory services clients need today
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success is a perception that varies with individuals. for control freak entrepreneurs, feeling successful is a big deal and if we can help them feel more in control and thus more successful, then we are well on the way to them seeing us as indispensable.
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two tiny chargers to revive your dead phone fast

recommended: spigen (left) and anker (right)

four simple rules and a couple of great gadgets to solve your all-day charging problems.

by rick richardson
technology this week 

we do everything to keep our phones charged all day, hoping we won’t need to plug in until the evening.

alas, at the worst possible moment, the phone just dies. it needs to get recharged. now! and fast!

more tech: hurling satellites into space without rockets  |  the big battles ahead for corporate finance  | the fintech flood: accounting will never be the same  |  the seven-step plan for marketing by spreadsheet | your sales tax headaches are only just beginning | new insights on emerging technologies and people issues exclusively for pro members. log in here or 2022世界杯足球排名 today.

what to do? of course, everyone knows you can’t go from zero to full charge in 10 or 15 minutes.

but here are four simple rules (including a couple of mini-sized gadgets) that will help you recharge your phone quicker. read more →

thinking commercial real estate? think fast.

warn clients: do the deal, get the cost seg study, and claim the bonus depreciation before it sunsets.

gonzalez: clients should act now, while the percentage of the allowed bonus depreciation is tipping in their favor.

by julio gonzalez
engineered tax services

julio gonzalez, founder and ceo of engineered tax services, has been named among the accounting today top 100 most influential people. gonzalez has been a pioneer in bringing specialized engineering tax studies to local cpa firms and mainstream america, which historically had only been available to fortune 500 through national accounting firms.  engineered tax services also owns the growth partnership, able: crm for accountants, and inside public accounting.

alas, the 100 percent bonus depreciation rule—the federal tax law under the tax cuts and jobs act (tcja) of 2017 that made it possible for taxpayers to write off a property’s reallocation in the year of acquisition—will begin to sunset at the end of this year.

more in tax practice: new small firm cost seg opportunities | what gig workers want | survey: big worries for u.s. and small business  |  working harder for every dollar  |  for a few: why busy season 2022 beats 2021 |  can the r&d tax credit be used to offset the amt?  |  21 reasons tax clients fire accountants  |  unhappy about tax season?  |  individual tax refunds up 13%  | shut down the tax charlatans   | eight quick, easy ways to fix irs filing   |  a tax season worse than 2021?  |  16 traits of the best tax clients  | irs under covid: heroes or goats?

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in its place in 2023, an 80 percent bonus depreciation will be allowed for properties acquired in 2023, scaling down to 60 percent in 2024 (for properties acquired in 2024), 40 percent in 2025 (for properties acquired in 2025), 20 percent in 2026 (for properties acquired in 2026), and then zero percent in 2027 and later years for properties acquired in 2027 and afterward.

it’s important to note for your clients in real estate that bonus depreciation is applied to a property based on the year it was purchased (although there are some exceptions to this rule). and taxpayers can only claim bonus depreciation retroactively within two tax years of the original placed-in-service date. read more →

seven reasons your growth plans are stalled

by sarah johnson dobek
inovautus consulting

growing a cpa firm isn’t easy. there are many dynamics that must align to get a team rowing in the right direction.

more dobek:   |  five ways to grow new service lines  |  how crisis illuminates your biz dev skills   |  how crisis illuminates your biz dev skills  | how crisis illuminates your biz dev skills | don’t confuse marketing with biz dev  | do you ask the right questions to deepen client relationships?  | advisory services: real commitment or just talk?  | covid: learning how to operate in the new normal

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with a distinct gap between growth rates of the best-performing firms and the rest of the pack it’s no surprise that high-growth accounting firms have a “secret sauce.”

today we’ll identify seven reasons why low-growth cpa firms struggle a bit more than their high-growth counterparts. read more →

six quick solutions for irs backlogs

some reassignments, perhaps?

by 卡塔尔世界杯常规比赛时间 research

editor’s note: this is part i of a series on fixing the irs. part ii will explore medium-term and longer-term solutions. part iii will look at legislative solutions.

everybody gripes about the irs, but nobody does anything about it.

more in tax practice: thinking commercial real estate? think fast.  |  new small firm cost seg opportunities  |  what gig workers want  |  accountants agree: the top five ways to fix the irs  |  tax season ’22: working harder for every dollar  |  irs tops list of busy season problems

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well, almost nobody. on april 21, america’s national tax advocate, erin m. collins, marched into the house of representatives, sat down before the subcommittee on government operations and told them two things:

  1. what the problems at the irs are, and
  2. what to do about them.

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cas pricing: money in the middle

businessman and tablet with the word "pricing" above.consider your pricing tiers carefully.

by hitendra patil
the definitive success guide to client accounting services

when your prospects shop for client accounting services, what they find out about pricing methods and trends defines their expectations. if you follow very different approaches to price your cas offering, it will take significant effort on your part to educate the prospects (and existing clients) about why you are pricing cas the way you are.

more: how to cas: first, break bad habits | how much cas profit per person? | make sure your differentiation is truly different | two tech approaches to cas | show your priciest cas package first | how cas drives virtual cfo billings | the roi on identifying clients for cas
goprocpa.comexclusively for pro members. log in here or 2022世界杯足球排名 today.

as they say, it’s easier to ride the horse in the direction it’s going. it is good to first conform to the perceptions of prospects when it comes to your cas pricing. once you ride the horse, you can direct it to the destination you want to take it to. once you conform to the pricing method (not the dollar value) expectations of the prospect, their anxiety and perception of risk (what value will they receive in the price they are willing to pay) reduce. after that, they are more open to evaluating the choices you present to them.
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refocus on year-round best practices

tax grinds are no reason to stop working on your business.

by ira rosenbloom

cpa firms commonly earn the bulk of their revenue from calendar year-end and personal tax work performed during busy season. during this period, the heavy focus on production for tax season takes too many practices away from strong practice management discipline for considerable blocks of time during the winter crunch and the september 15 and october 15 deadlines. practice management best practices are a 365-day-a-year discipline, and those who work it every day see the difference.

featured video: the seller’s guide to getting the best price for your firm

more: 5 keys to m&a success | 10 steps to a superior tax department | 10 ways to protect your best clients from your competitors | are you overthinking an m&a deal? | how to put the ‘success’ in succession | how covid-19 has changed succession planning | top 10 steps to maximizing profitability

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keeping your business healthy will go a long way toward improving happiness for your team. maintaining these five best practices will also enhance your firm’s succession options, and give you more leverage in m&a.

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